Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Coduct GmbH


Nominated by:
René Schneider

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What problem do you solve?

All existing infrastructure has to be maintained. Railroads, factories, power plants, refineries, etc. - maintenance teams around the globe work non-stop to keep the world turning. While the requirements and the way of working for maintenance crews has changed dramatically during the last decades, most tools haven’t. Existing ERP solutions on which maintenance processes heavily rely on are great at managing orders but don’t offer good solutions for the actual execution phase, leading e.g., to inefficiency and a missing flow of data. Maintenance teams therefore often struggle with a lack of transparency, bad data quality in the ERP systems, hidden challenges and solutions to foster change and iteratively improve routines. Also they lack the tools needed to work in a more agile and efficient way – at the office, in team meeting and on the shop floor. Solutions, that are capable of plugging into existing software-infrastructure while leveraging state-of-the-art technology to empower maintenance teams to work in a modern, agile manner while improving their working routines and increasing the quality of data in existing ERP's are hard to find. planYou is here to change that.

What's your digital solution?

planYou empowers teams to migrate from old or analogue work processes to modern & agile workflows. Work can be transparently processed in pre-defined progressions that enable high quality standards while empowering agile work and direct manipulation from all participants. Available on big multitouch monitors for team meetings, on iPads in the field or even fully accessible on a phone in the pocket planYou is here to make challenges visible, improve process and iterate the way of work while increasing the quality of existing data. Additionally, the planYou ecosystem offers a broad range of specialised tools for maintenance crews. A comprehensive set of digital solutions, like asset tracking, localisation solutions, inspection assistants etc., improve the daily routines for those teams. While planYou utilises data originating from ERP's, like SAP or Dynamics, it works in harmony with common infrastructure - all while offering modern technology and easy, intuitive user experience

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The CODUCT Team has shown, that innovative enterprise software can be successfully bootstrapped at the Niederrhein. No capital had to be raised to successfully plan, implement, evaluate and launch planYou. This is possible due to a strong customer base and a great network of KMU's across NRW. In 2021 we plan to bring planYou to the next level. A participation at one of the leading trade fairs of our target customers could be financed with the price money and push planYou to the next level.