Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW



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Stanislav Sasna

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What problem do you solve?

The customer journey for buying skincare products is totally broken. Today, a new skincare brand is released almost every day, which promises to be the new miracle cure. Traditional marketing with glossy photos with famous testimonials doesn't work here like in the fashion sector. Skincare is a very emotional topic. The numerous offers on the Internet and stationary lead to great complexity and overstrain of the consumer. The search for "What helps against acne" alone leads to 2.5 million results on Google. Today, the search for the best product usually ends with 100 open tabs. Customers seek for guidance, personal experiences & stories as they suffer through products that do not work & wasting money on them.

What's your digital solution?

Beautyself is the first inspiration and curated shopping platform for skincare that integrates community and technology into a personalized customer experience – creating the future of commerce. People use Beautyself to discover, be inspired, find answers, and connect with like-minded people for their skin needs. Beautyself gives customers a sense of authenticity and reality. Users can find out what products other consumers with the same skin concern/type use and click-through to purchase the products for the best price. The holistic shopping experience is complemented by intelligent skin diagnostic, and facial treatment booking.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The idea came to me when I stopped taking the pill and suffered from severe hormonal acne. Like most, I started my search for the best product on Google and ended up no closer. I had 15 tabs open - including old-fashioned forums, closed Facebook groups, blogs, online shops and price search engines. So I was just totally annoyed and stressed out. That's why I had the idea of founding a platform that bundles all this information. From a consumer for consumers, so to say.