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Christian Schachmann

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Your business model in three sentences

We offer a subscription model and charge a fixed amount for the service: Basic (app), Economy (app+tablet), Premium (app+tablet+sim card). For B2B we offer in one package the application, training for everyday helpers and training material.

What problem do you solve?

Teresa.AI is developing a digital solution that addresses a major problem, also at the EU level: the loneliness of an aging population in changed social and societal structures. The effects on health are enormous (physically as well as psychologically) and put a strain on the solidary financed health care system. For many, the connection to technical developments and digital participation breaks off at the time of retirement, especially in the absence of relatives, since most have access via third parties. For people who use existing systems, access breaks off when they begin to decline cognitively. The following key issues also emerged during the needs assessment: - Lack of social connection and participation and resulting loneliness and depression. - Faster physical and mental decline due to lack of knowledge, such as exercise, nutrition and psyche - Loss of sense of time and consequent lack of daily structure - Forgetfulness and resulting problems to ensure basic care such as taking medication and drinking enough. - Aids in emergency situations - Not feeling useful anymore and resulting old age depression

What's your digital solution?

Teresa.AI is a digital helper and voice assistant for older people that creates closeness and enables them to live actively with more zest for life. Teresa.AI creates a human-machine interface. Everyday companions support our users in getting to know and being able to use the tablet-based application. The goal is to create human closeness on as many levels as possible and to maintain or restore the social environment. In doing so, Teresa does not leave people alone with the technology. To ensure the smooth introduction and the integration and use of the application in everyday life, we train everyday helpers with IT skills and in biography work. The function of voice assistance based on personal life stories plays a central role. Furthermore, seniors network with family, friends and other seniors in interest groups, which inspire each other and contribute with offers themselves. The goal is to counteract isolation and to enable seniors to continue to be part of the social community.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With our app, single people in need of care can stay active, mentally as well as physically. This is important, because we all have fears and worries about what our lives might look like in old age. Of course, we also want to be able to live self-determined lives as senior citizens, despite physical limitations. This is how we understand growing old with dignity. We must not lose this just because we become frail. A life with joy and activity is what we all want. And this succeeds with TERESA.AI