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consalio GmbH


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Nadine Thees

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Your business model in three sentences

Our B2B SaaS solution provides full transparency of all ongoing advisory services in the company and thereby enables identification of saving potential, benchmarking of advisory services and reduction of time spent for data collection and analytics.

What problem do you solve?

consalio is a B2B SaaS solution that addresses a very relevant challenge in the cooperation between companies and advisors: the high effort required, in addition to the actual project work, to maintain transparency about ongoing activities and accrued costs. This is already a challenge at the project level and ties up considerable resources when several projects are running in parallel. For example, the following "pain points" on the company side are specifically addressed: o Ad-hoc overview of key KPIs during an ongoing advisor project (actual costs vs. budget, project progress, forecasts, “out-of-scope” assignments, consultant levels & hourly rates, project history and archive, evaluation & satisfaction). o Early warning system for deviations from agreements and impending budget overruns enables timely countermeasures o Automated approval process for "out-of-scope" tasks and invoices o Comparability of projects and consultant fees and support in bid negotiations via own advisor project database o ad-hoc overview of all current and past consultant activities across the company o decision basis for insourcing vs outsourcing of tasks/headcounts

What's your digital solution?

As a "single source of truth", consalio collects and analyzes the relevant data of all advisory services within the organisation in real time without any additional input effort by the advisor. The data is presented in easy-to-understand dashboards to which both the company and the consultant have access. In this way, consalio enables early conflict identification, realization of savings potentials, comparability of advisory projects and better negotiations due to transparent communication between the company and its advisors. Our vision is to optimize the collaboration between clients and advisors. By applying intelligent analytics, consalio is able to recognize project-specific patterns, provide risk assessments and recommendations for action, and provide decision support for top management.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

consalio is changing a fundamental dysbalance inherent in the relationship between a client and its advisors. By giving the client access to real-time status reports during ongoing advisory services/projects, the quality of decisions taken will be significantly improved, leading to substantial cost and time savings.