Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

assemblean GmbH


Nominated by:
Juliane Wetzler

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Your business model in three sentences

We offer Production as a Service not only for certain manufacturing processes, but for the whole supply chain including assembly and logistics. We created a platform with which we coordinate the whole production process using artificial intelligence.

What problem do you solve?

Almost every industrial company faces supply chain issues. Last year, it was 96%. Companies are not adequately addressing current challenges related to their supply chain. They always request the same suppliers and the ordering processes via e-mail and telephone are inefficient and inflexible. This leads to long time-to-market and higher product costs. In addition, supply chains lack transparency and alternatives. As a result, problems are identified too late and suppliers who can take over at short notice are not available. In the end, controlling the supply chain and its own production is more like firefighting rather than a coordinated process. That's what we want to change.

What's your digital solution?

We offer software for planning and organizing product development and/or the entire supply chain. Furthermore, we use this software as a platform to provide production services for assembled modules and products. To manage these services, we make use of a large network of production partners. The combination of our supply chain management software and Production as a Service (PaaS) solves all of the aforementioned problems for companies: greater supply chain transparency, more efficient and digital procurement processes, and alternative suppliers, as they can use assemblean's complete supply chain structure or supplement their own.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We are set to disrupt the huge and growing supply chain management and industrial production market by digitizing all processes around procurement and production as well as enabling in-depth visibility into supply chains. We are the only PaaS provider for modules and products on the market and additionally combine this with our SCM software to realize a unique all-in-one solution. Both parts of our business model, SCM software and PaaS, are mutually reinforcing.