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Julian Krauskopf

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Your business model in three sentences

We develop an innovative AI assistance system for automated verification of manual assembly processes and market software licenses as a subscription model.

What problem do you solve?

A large share of assembly work cannot be automated while operator mistakes are causing quality issues, rework and avoidable costs. As of today 72% of factory tasks are still manual and 40% of the total defects in manufacturing plants are caused by humans. Additionally current end of line quality controls are not able to identify all errors made in manual processes and by this producing costs due to customer complaints on top.

What's your digital solution?

Therefore, we are developing an AI-based assistance system for automated verification of manual assembly processes. Our AI system detects camera-based the completeness and sequence of assembly steps and checks whether the right components have been installed in the right variant. Process errors are detected in real time and thus can be corrected directly at the assembly station. This saves significant costs at the end of the line for root cause analysis and error correction and during the process by facilitating manual quality assurance for the team leader. In addition, the system can be used to train new employees for assembly processes, making new employees available for operations much faster. The data obtained on the frequency of various errors in individual process steps can then be used by production planning for process optimization.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

To this day, assembly workers are indispensable in many factories, and much of their work cannot be automated even in the near future, leading to costly mistakes. With our software, we focus on the assembly workers and want to enable them to compete with highly automated solutions and cheaper locations. In this way, we secure jobs in Germany and support people in their work.