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Finn Rogge

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Your business model in three sentences

eevie sells b2b saas software licenses for a certain amount of employees to participate on the platform.

What problem do you solve?

The urgency to decarbonise our companies emissions couldn’t be higher, but companies are not involving every employee in the process. Before starting eevie I was working as a consultant helping large blue chip companies build their sustainability strategies. This was a really amazing experience but also frustrating as it became increasingly clear that the companies would not really be able to implement our strategies with their business as usual mindset. Today more than half of the global Fortune 500 companies have set themselves very ambitious climate goals, and at the same time the majority of employees that are supposed to deliver these goals are not being involved to do so. They are missing the right work culture to achieve their net-zero strategies.

What's your digital solution?

eevie supports companies with Employee Climate Engagement programs, fostering a climate-friendly work culture, measuring and reducing scope 3 emissions, contributing to ESG strategy implementation, improving talent retention and acquisition, and generating CO2 cost savings. An innovative SaaS platform and insightful reports empower companies to plan and run highly configurable sustainability programs in line with their sustainability targets, and to develop a strong sustainability mindset within their organisations.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

eevie mission is to empower companies to help every employee to work more climate friendly. We need to change our business as usual mindset in order to transform the way that we do business in the future. The impact of our every action at work must be cristal clear to all employees so that they have the capability to make a meaningful difference with their day to day business decisions.