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Marc Stender

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Your business model in three sentences

Logistikbude is an out-of-the-box cloud solution enabling logistics & manufacturing companies to automate the management of their load carriers. Our customers pay a monthly fee for the use (software as a service).

What problem do you solve?

Management of B2B reusable assets: In europe, there are around 5 billion b2b reusable objects. Every company that comes into contact with them has to deal with the management and so there are countless island solutions. This causes high personnel costs for the administration of the bookings and the coordination with partners. In addition, existing capital is not used economically due to shrinkage and long cycle times. This leads to an inefficient status quo that is also bad for the environment due to unnecessary transport of empties and paper consumption.

What's your digital solution?

We offer a out-of-the-box cloud software for managing returnables. Customers can choose between our app, our web interface, interfaces to their own systems and IoT trackers. We process the data generated in real time and automatically reconcile it with customers and suppliers. This makes us the first software to automate the management of all types of reusable objects.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Based on fraunhofer deeptech, we have created the first fully digital and immediately usable solution for returnable packaging that combines quantity booking, track&trace and iot. This means that for the first time there is now software for all types of returnable packaging. The solution is suitable for production, logistics and trade and offers an easily scalable business model for a huge market through a standard product.