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Vincent Wolff

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Your business model in three sentences

AmaliTech is a social enterprise that harnesses the potential of remote working to build the future of work in sub-Saharan Africa. We provide employment pathways in the tech sector, connecting young African IT talents to the global tech demand.

What problem do you solve?

In Africa, 2.2 million students graduate from IT studies every year and rarely find a job. In Europe, IT experts, especially software developers, are desperately needed. According to a Bitkom survey, there is already a shortage of 137,000 IT specialists in Germany. The driving force behind this development is the accelerating pace of digitalisation coupled with an aging population whose workforce cannot keep up. So why not bridge the digital skills gap by bringing both continents closer together? The founder and CEO of AmaliTech, Martin Hecker, is building a bridge between Europe and Africa with his business model. Sounds easy, but the freshly graduated African IT talents are not entirely on the international standard and lack practical experience. This means they are not ready to meet the demand. Businesses in Europe are mainly looking for experienced developers. Furthermore, the companies usually don’t know the African market. It is risky to start a business in Africa without having any experience. Cologne-based AmaliTech has developed a model that removes all entry barriers and risks for companies and makes it as easy as possible for them to explore the African labour market.

What's your digital solution?

The business model of AmaliTech combines a free IT training programme with continuous learning and a permanent, sustainable job for Africa's youth. AmaliTech offers young IT graduates three to nine months of further training in Ghana and Ruanda. Hard and soft skills are taught, indispensable for successful international cooperation. After successfully completing a practical project, the trainees receive a job offer in one of AmaliTech’s offices in Ghana or Rwanda. From there, they eventually work remotely on international client projects. All surpluses generated are invested in training the next generation of digital experts and local social projects. In this way, an enormous pool of highly qualified professionals is available at competitive prices, and Africa's youth are given high-quality and long-term job prospects. European companies benefit from this as they can easily work with tech talent through AmaliTech and thus overcome the growing shortage of skilled workers.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

AmaliTech connects young African IT talents with German companies and startups that need digital support. This innovative solution is helping to alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and creating more sustainable jobs in Africa. The Out-of-the-Box.NRW Award will help to increase AmaliTech's awareness and reach - especially within the digital economy of NRW - and to acquire new clients. The prize money will be used for targeted marketing measures.