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Who Moves


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Jules Banning

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Your business model in three sentences

Subscription/Pay-per-Hire based job platform where companies hire IT talents easier than ever. To accompany their future employees we also support in visa and relocation topics. External partners can also place their products along the journey.

What problem do you solve?

The problem of the shortage of skilled workers is an enormous threat to the German economy. According to the IAB, there is a shortage of more than 140,000 skilled workers in the IT sector alone. One way to quickly recruit and retain suitable skilled workers is to migrate highly qualified specialists from abroad. However, this causes many difficulties for companies and talents. This is exactly where we come in with Who Moves. With the help of our platform we want to support companies that have problems with international talent acquisition. On the other hand, we want to accompany talents on their way through the bureaucratic hurdles and all of their difficulties. With our career platform we accompany talents holistically to build a new life in Germany. Our main target group is primarily companies that are open to international talents, are located in less internationally known locations and do not have the resources to accompany talents from abroad on their own.

What's your digital solution?

In our platform, talents can get information, tools, and other assistance for job search and building their new life. Our newest product "The Journey" provides the most relevant information, tailored to the needs of the talent. Thus, the talents can prepare for their career in Germany in the best possible way. Within the dashboard, talents are also given the opportunity to apply to suitable companies that are also open to international applicants. On the company side, we use artificial intelligence to analyze job offers from tens of thousands of companies and classify them in order to only show our talents companies that are open to them. All processes on our platform, such as applicant management, are automated to ensure high scalability.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We ourselves are children of migrants and see the potential within this cultural diversity. Our main motivation is to give something back to our home region and to strengthen it through our platform. Through the Award we hope to reach a wider audience and raise awareness for our topic. We want to show how valuable migration is for the diversity and cultural variety of a region. Furthermore, we want to invest the prize money for the development of a further application for our talents.