Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW



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Jochen Heimann

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What problem do you solve?

As a result of increasing digitalisation, the complexity of life has increased dramatically. getbaff wants to simplify the insane media and information overload, by creating transparency. Customers expect real added value that is communicated in a simple and surprising way. Analogue interactions have not been measurable so far, although the customer journey goes far beyond the purchase. getbaff solves these problems and connects brands and their content with consumers in their everyday life. This enables the consumer to consume digital content on analog surfaces with the help of augmented reality. This helps the consumer to see the content that is connected to the surface and offers them added value. Brands create the connection between the analogue and the digital world, which increases up-selling and profit. We create a special user experience to trigger the target group emotionally. Fairs & Events become interactive, fun and measurable.

What's your digital solution?

Our pitch is basically to combine analog surfaces with videos, which means that you need less digital video screens and at the same time you're able to reuse already existing analog surfaces, like printed products. This reduces waste and actually also safes money for the corporates. Unlike the QR-Code, there is no need to change the surface with us, so there are no extra costs by reprinting or repackaging products. getbaff offers an expressive experience for the user while supporting the transparency of communication, as well as the sustainability of a company

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We create empathy between brands and customers based on augmented reality and data. With our technology we receive important insights about our customers target group to really understand their needs and enhance the brands performance. We are here to create transparency, help companies to be more digital and innovative especially in these times of uncertainty and to increase the customers loyalty by creating a new user experience for them.