Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Revotion GmbH


Nominated by:
Eva de Schrevel

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Your business model in three sentences

We develop, produce and sell our own hardware modules with a very attractive margin. In addition, we also have a subscription model for premium features like internet connectivity and remote access.

What problem do you solve?

The control technology in caravans and boats is outdated. There are many different proprietary individual systems, each with small, complicated displays, and all of them impractical and unattractive. There is a lack of innovative ideas to make camping and boating more comfortable by taking advantage of connected systems. For manufacturers, we can save them up to 80% of the existing wiring just by installing our control system.

What's your digital solution?

Our technology is an IoT-based modular control system that can be installed in almost any caravan or boat. Our products are many small modules for different applications, such as reading batteries, temperature sensors, fluid level sensors, switching lights or appliances, and even heating. These modules adapt to the existing equipment on board, so nothing needs to be changed. As an interface, we have developed our own app that connects to the modules on board and acts as a control unit. Our customers can also access all the functions from their sofa at home, for example switching on the fridge to chill their beer or checking their GPS location. The technical backbone behind this is outstanding, because it consists of so many things. We designed our own hardware from scratch, we designed and programmed our app and created a backend for everything. We also invested in a production line to make everything here in Düsseldorf.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We are not only disrupting the technical standards of two industries, we are also disrupting their retail and service sectors. We want to remain independent of retailers and manufacturers. That is why we will only sell our hardware on our website and we will never make exclusive deals with vehicle manufacturers. There will be a configurator on our website that will ask the customer about their current equipment on board in order to adapt our modules. At the end they'll get a personalised configuration and can also buy an installation service from our partners with just one checkbox. These partners are regular camping workshops that are also connected to the website. Not only can the customer see which partners are closest to his location, but he can also make an appointment without having to call or get several quotes for the service. We have developed our own sales system using the digital infrastructure.