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Kim Tu

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Your business model in three sentences

Pacurions digital trading platform revolutionizes the inefficient loading aids market by helping to save time and money through simple and transparent market interaction and ensuring supply without forgoing a central service and contractual partner

What problem do you solve?

Today's loading equipment market is characterized by considerable inefficiency. The processes are often analog and not standardized. There are many market participants as well as dealer levels, and in addition, the product is often not in focus of the company, although considerable sums are spent on its procurement. However, loading equipment, such as pallets or mesh boxes, are the key instruments of nearly every supply chain and thus impacting nearly every business and branch. Therefore, this problem has to be solved!

What's your digital solution?

Pacurion completely rethinks the previously often enormously cumbersome and cost-intensive procurement process for loading aids. With Pacurion, you can obtain EPAL Euro pallets, one-way pallets, mesh pallets and every conceivable loading aid by a simple mouse click.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

By making use of the classic matchmaking concept, we are revolutionizing the entire loading equipment market and will transform it to a platform economy. In this way tremendous amounts of time and money can be safed, as demand and supply gets directly interactive. In addition, we as Pacurion act as a central service and contractual partner, what even adds more benefits for both, the manufacturer and customer side.