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René Dörnenburg

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Your business model in three sentences

Our digital platform personalizes the development of new personal and work-related skills with a mix of AI, scientific methods and bite-sized content. Our app covers different topics and also enables teams to gain new knowledge more effectively.

What problem do you solve?

People who want to practice personal development often face the same challenges: A lack of time, up-to-date, on-point content, real-world applicability and short attention spans. Summarized books and video courses may make you feel like you learned many new things, but you'll likely forget most of it quicker than you wish. Sustainable skill development isn't like scrolling through Instagram, it's an active process that takes hands-on, real-world application of newly acquired skills. That's the only way to real virtuosity. And with well-known learning methods like video courses, books, frontal instruction and audio books, the process of actually remembering everything and applying the content is up to the learner. We are different and aren't expecting people to be learning experts. Our AI-powered solution personalizes content to people's pre-knowledge, motivation level and available time. It also manages repetition of previous content to limit forgetting and selection of exercises that require the users to apply their new skills in their daily lives.

What's your digital solution?

Our innovative digital platform paves the way for people who want to personally grow and get better at what they love. The heart of our solution is an AI-powered app that structures the steps to acquire a new skill in a new format called Flows. Flows contain bite-sized explanations, exercises and special exercises that require people to apply their new skills. Besides the "format" Flows, we developed an AI-powered personalization engine that takes many factors into account that affect the learning result (e. g. motivation level, time of day, available time, previous results, ...) and uses them to tailor a personalized learning session. This way, learning new skills is much more immersive, engaging, sustainable and quicker than with traditional methods. As part of a subscription, individuals can access the content created by our expert creators. Businesses can also create private content just for their teams to benefit from our platform.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers people to achieve their dreams by developing real-world skills and gaining the soft skills they need to succeed with their goals. We believe, our digital platform will be the cornerstone for this dream because it makes developing sustainable skills effective, easy and accessible. With the prize money, we would craft even more content, further improve our technology and invest in marketing to make more people aware of our solution.