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Kay Gauer

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Your business model in three sentences

We reduce disposable packaging waste in eCommerce through reusable packaging. Our digital solutions enable shops to offer reusable packaging as an option. In addition, the digital shipment history increases the visibility of participating shops.

What problem do you solve?

Revenues in the eCommerce sector are growing continuously. In 2021, 4.5 billion packages were shipped in Germany. This results in more and more packaging waste. 219kg paper and cardboard waste was caused per capita in Germany in 2020. Waste paper containers in residential areas and the paper garbage cans in single- and multi-family homes are overflowing and packaging waste is piling up everywhere. Even today the demand for wood exceeds the sustainable supply. This results in shrinking forests, which are an important contributor to protect our climate. Currently, every 4th industrially cut tree is used for disposable packaging. To recycle the high amount of waste paper a lot of energy, water and chemicals are needed. On 30th of November the European Commission published its revised proposal for the “EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation” with the target to increase the use of reusable packaging solutions in Europe. 10% of eCommerce packaging for transport will have to be reusable by 2030 and 50% of it by 2040.

What's your digital solution?

With rhinopaq we developed a reusable packaging solution for the eCommerce. After receiving goods, the rhinopaq box is folded into an envelope format and simply thrown into the next public mailbox. Our plugin for common online shop platforms enables online shops to offer reusable shipping as an option to their customers. Based on product data the smart rhinopaq feature calculates whether the shopping cart fits into a rhinopaq. If the cart is too large the shipping method is not offered. Furthermore, online shops can share extra costs with their customers. A QR code in the packaging can be used to call up the digital shipment history. The history shows the CO2 savings of the respective rhinopaq. In addition, all stores are listed that already shipped goods with this packaging. This creates a cross-marketing effect for participating online stores.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Climate change is the largest challenge of our times. The continuously growing eCommerce causes a much higher consumption of important resources such as water or wood which further accelerates the climate change. Our solution minimizes the consumption. We expect that this award will increase our visibility and the awareness of companies and end consumers of the problem. Currently we are completely bootstrapped. The prize money would enable us to strengthen our marketing and sales activities.