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Jules Banning

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What problem do you solve?

Hosts research many different sources to furnish their rentals for the best price. Some hosts even call companies directly to negotiate the prices. Meanwhile, brands like Taco Bell, VIPP or IKEA build entire hotels to enable consumers to touch and try their products. Furthermore, consumers lack reliable information to make confident buying decisions. That's the reason why influencers on social media, product reviews in online shops or sales staff in a retail environment have a big impact on consumers' decision making.

What's your digital solution?

Roamlike is a web platform that offers hosts best prices and enables brands to use vacation rentals as showrooms. Roamlike not only makes it possible to sell products to thousands of holiday home hosts, but we also communicate the products from the holiday home to the guests. So the holiday homes become a brand's new POS. Other customers use Roamlike as a sampling channel and offer selected hosts their products free of charge.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We believe in the power of experiences and that great products inherently differentiate themselves from the masses once you get the chance to test and try these products yourself. As it becomes more and more complex for companies to create meaningful and cost-efficient experiences for customers, Roamlike offers a simple yet impactful solution.