Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW


Sankt Augustin

Nominated by:
Sarah Wurzer

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What problem do you solve?

You know it best yourself: fleet planning is usually neither intuitive nor dynamic. Perhaps you, too, are still working with systems that enable you to plan, but don't really make it any easier? How would your daily work routine change if you had a fleet planning software that automatically takes into account all conceivable internal and external factors like time windows, capacities, qualifications, etc.? Would it support you in your daily tasks if you could optimally plan all tours at once in just a few seconds and with a few clicks? Efficient fleet planning presents you with the daily challenge of having to take all current restrictions into account at the same time. Just one small change - a sick note, for example - can lead to the entire tour plan having to be immediately recreated. This is hardly feasible with manual route planning, and optimal route planning is basically impossible without suitable software. Because the complexity of optimal fleet planning explodes with increasing numbers of employees and orders.

What's your digital solution?

adiutaByte provides web-based optimization tools, to automate and optimize complex resource and fleet planning challenges for companies in various industries. From fleet optimization to personnel deployment planning or duty scheduling, adiutaByte provides an integrated optimization solution for a wide range of planning challenges. In addition, it is also easy to allocate optimal time slots for new orders and to perform scenario analyses. The approach of a holistic route planning and optimization distinguishes our software solution from the work of a conventional dispatching tool. The fleet optimization solution, as a first product, combines novel algorithms and machine learning with the practical knowledge of the dispatcher to save hours of daily manual planning, reduce costs, CO2 emissions and improve customer satisfaction.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With our fleet planning solution, the needs of customers and employees are brought into the focus of service planning, thus relieving the workload in the daily routine and increasing the service quality and thus customer satisfaction, while at the same time optimizing routes and saving CO2.