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TrustCerts GmbH


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Svenja Tietje

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Your business model in three sentences

Your daily business runs on contracts, perhaps most of them on paper. You switch to PDFs, but they get lost in the inbox and is the e-signature even valid? With our contract lifecycle management software, your business is optimized and secure again.

What problem do you solve?

The normal way you know to sign a document: download it, print it, sign it, initial it, pack it, lick it, stamp it, send it and just hope German Post will not loose it... Oh wait, you forgot to fill a field and all of the sudden the deadline is over. Let's give the problem some numbers: - 25 DIN A4 pages are printed out by an employee on average per day - 345€ are incurred per employee and year in paper-based systems - 100€ costs the average loss of an analog document - 30% higher time expenditure due to analog signatures All in all: we are wasting a lot of time and money with paper based signature flows. Money and time we can put into the growing of our company and improving our workflows and carbon footprint.

What's your digital solution?

A signature platform that secure, fast and affordable. Not the only one in the market, but the only that fulfills all three aspects based on the targeted group. Why secure: - Legally compliant signatures using simple electronic signature (EES), advanced electronic signature (FES) and qualified electronic signature (QES) - All servers are based in Germany and no third party from the USA is able to look into your files - GDRP compliant, as a spin of from the institution of cyber security and a startup with intercultural property we care about compliance Why fast: - Auto fill all required fields - Sign from anywhere, anytime - Monitor the process in real time and get notified when required Why affordable: - No printing and postage costs - Resource-saving and sustainable - no vendor lock in with a pay per use approach

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Knowing the struggle of startups and SME dealing with contracts we build a solution respecting costs, security and interoperability. Instead of high fees for the usage we have a pay per use model for your demanded security level. No other provider will give you a digital signature that is cheaper than the postage of a letter! An if you want more features like reminders or templates, you can book them anytime.