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Andi Dreger

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What problem do you solve?

Operational Excellence within the manufacturing sector aims at iteratively increasing productivity on the shop floor and is thus closely linked to the lean manufacturing / six sigma philosophies. However, no digital tools exist to assist these activities and provide the objective data and analytical tools aimed at operational excellence activities. Through the ENLYZE solution manufacturing companies gain access to all relevant (and usually previously inaccessible) manufacturing data and receive the tools needed to identify optimization potential within their manufacturing processes. Given our tools, our customers are able to increase their manufacturing performance, reduce their amount of scrap production and enhance their product quality. First studies with our early customers indicate that the financial savings potential is about 2.000 € per month and per industrial machine. Additionally, more effective industrial processes require fewer resources and thus are less harmful to our environment. In one case, the scrap rate (i.e. industrial waste) could be reduced from 2.5% to 1.3%.

What's your digital solution?

Our digital solution comprises an edge device for acquiring data in heterogeneous brown-field environments (especially capable of dealing with legacy systems), cloud storage and cloud computing for data handling and an analytics interface to derive the objectively best ways to manufacture certain products or identify root causes of quality defects. One main differentiator of our offering is the way we make data available on the shop floor and link this data to the information stored in other data silos (e.g. ERP Systems). By developing the entire technology stack ourselves, we have been able to optimize the integration and onboarding process of new appliances and to bring down the integration times to less than a week per appliance. This is unique in terms of speed and cost and hence makes standardization and scalability possible for a deeply integrated smart manufacturing solution at only a fraction of the cost compared to similar offerings.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Germany is a manufacturing powerhouse but risks losing out to the digital era as most machine tool OEMs are not software companies. We aim to close this gap by providing the digital tools that smart manufacturing needs to stay competitive and decrease their environmental impact. As a side product, we are solving interoperability and connectivity challenges in the field and will enable others to build products on our technology to fuel further innovation in the field.