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Quickdoctor UG


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Monika Manigel

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What problem do you solve?

Many doctors are unabl​e to reassign cance​lled medical appointments at short notice, so that on average six treatment hours per week are unused. A surgery that is conducted on a sound economic basis should achieve a cost-covering turnover per treatment hour. Up to 30% of the 600 million annual medical appointments in Germany are cancelled at most 24 hours in advance or not at all. On the other hand, despite the urgent need for a medical treatment, patients have to put up with long waiting times. Quickdoctor provides doctors with an easy-to-handle option to reassign medical appointments that have been vacated at short notice. Patients on the other hand gain the possibility to arrange a medical appointment based on their personally desired criteria with little effort.

What's your digital solution?

Quickdoctor solves this two-sided problem in an elegant way: Quickdoctor enables physicians to offer short-term free capacities to patients in need. The respective surgery software automatically transmits a vacated appointment to the Quickdoctor online platform. Quickdoctor now conveys the appointment to a patient who has been searching for exactly this kind of appointment. Through the interface with the software of the surgery the new appointment is entered into the diary. ​On ​patients who are looking for short-term medical appointments are given a structured overview of all available appointments. Patients have the opportunity to book their appointment in three simple steps: search, find and book. Registration is not required - only email address and mobile number. A high degree of capacity utilisation is guaranteed despite short-term cancellation, and patients can find help quickly.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The Quickdoctor UG is founded by an economics student, a dentistry student and a computer science student who already have extensive experience in each area of ​​responsibility. Especially due to the diversity of study content the founders complement each other with their personal background and different practical experiences. In addition to friendly connections, the founding team is characterized by its targeted and efficient communication and working methods.