Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW



Nominated by:
Denise Rüffer

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What problem do you solve?

There are a lot of bad people out there: faking degrees to get a better job, manipulating id cards to bypass security, changing bills to redirect money and so on. The digital transformation is already here, but security is lacking in most cases. The results variate from loosing reputation to be personally liable for employees.

What's your digital solution?

A trust service that can be plugged to existing processes, either in the digital or anlog world, can improve your business in two important ways: 1) prevention: you are able to validate any incoming information before processing it. A supply chain includes a lot of members where you most of the time only know your direct partners. With our service you are able to validate the existing information and protect the one you append with a secure proof so no one can blame you in the future. This will gain your trust because everyone can validate that it is from you - only you. Not even we can fake your signature without anyone noticing. 2) optimization: being in the digital world there is a huge potential for automation to safe money. You do not need to print out any information anymore, let it be signed online or directly by a service. You can protect any kind of file. Since sovereignty is very important to us all the files stay at your device to keep full control over it.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

It would be easy for us to fake a certificate that claims us for the next winning startup. But instead we want to push the "Made in Germany" label that stands for quality, perfection and trust. We see a huge potential in the region and want to use the money for projects in NRW like giving free access to startups and small business to test out our technology.