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Christian Emmel

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What problem do you solve?

There is already a shortage of skilled workers in all nursing professions, and at the same time the dropout rate in nursing training is problematically high. The national average is 30 percent. Every dropout causes high costs for hospitals and care facilities in Germany. Moreover, a valuable future employee in nursing is lost. Why does almost one in three drop out of training? According to the German Professional Association for Nursing Professions, one of the main reasons for training dropouts is the large discrepancy between theoretical and practical training, which often leads to frustration and demotivation. Especially at the beginning of the training, nursing trainees are often confronted with challenging nursing situations in the profession. This leads to independent research for information and solutions on the internet on various platforms and forums. However, the internet does not offer quality assurance in terms of content. The resulting misinformation can lead to gross errors in patient care. We are nurses ourselves and can understand anyone who drops out of this training. Nursing can be a very wonderful profession, but it needs improved training.

What's your digital solution?

A multimedia learning tool is needed to facilitate the theory-practice transfer, to significantly reduce the high dropout rate and to accompany the nursing trainees until they successfully pass their exams. In this way, the shortage of skilled workers can be decisively counteracted. Novaheal has set itself the task of developing an educational offer for nursing trainees in the form of an innovative E-learning platform specifically for nursing training and the successful nursing examination. On the one hand, it functions as a digital reference work, on the other hand, the trainees are provided with case-based simulations of various patient situations, which are supplemented by practical educational videos and quizzes. The focus of the content is on improving the theory-practice transfer within the training. In order to be able to test the acquired knowledge in as varied and motivating a way as possible, there are different approaches to gamification.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

It can be assumed that the digitisation of nursing training and the resulting decrease in training dropouts will directly counteract the nursing shortage in Germany. However, due to the fragmented structures in care, the market is not in a position to provide this need for innovation on its own (market failure). The award would be a great motivation for our soical startup and we can use the prize money for our further product development.