Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

meetergo GmbH

Cologne MediaPark/Remote

Nominated by:
parth sharma

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Your business model in three sentences

We help efficient sales and revenue teams increase revenue by reducing B2b response time to 0, increasing booked demos and reducing no show rates. Our advanced lead routing enables efficient and cost-effective sales processes. Leader in Data privacy.

What problem do you solve?

We help leading SaaS, Tech and Service Providers between 100-500 employees get rid of their boring contact forms on their website. Contact forms are not a good tool to engage users, especially in b2b, where clients spend an average of 1:22 Minutes on a website. Long response times lead to unengaged customers, bad leads in the pipeline, and a lack of progress in revenue. Our solution allows creating buyer experiences that focus on engagement and conversion. Our customers experience high revenue growth since other German ICPs are still relying on ancient contact forms and our product converts clients while they are waiting for a response from other's contact forms. Our customers tell us we have the most visually appealing tool on the market for live appointment scheduling.

What's your digital solution?

A conversion platform designed, built and hosted in germany, with privacy in mind from the ground up. No cookies or third party trackers, no data sent to the US or shared with jurisdictions. Allows creating engaging experiences that convert customers and increase revenue. Implemented on clients website. Included: Appointment scheduling, Team Pages, Round Robin, Lead Routing, CRM sync, Data fields sync, Custom Reminders & Followup Emails, Digital Business cards, Showcase Hubs, Mutual Actions Plans, Lead identification

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We are two young entrepreneurs aged 25 and 26, lived in cologne our whole life, and founded right after college. We bootstrapped and invested in our own business as business angels. We constantly reached out to investors and startup accelerators, but didn't recieve any support, including from organizations like KölnBusiness that claim to help all startups from cologne. We built everything ourselves from the ground up and are one of the few startups that will survive the recent pressure on VC.