Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Clinomic GmbH


Nominated by:
Stefanie Pick

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What problem do you solve?

Medical knowledge and health data volume double every three years. Complexity of accurate, evidence-based medicine increases steadily. At the same time, healthcare workers spend 50% of their time in front of computer screens, instead of spending it with their patients. This is even reinforced by economic restrictions and increasing documentation duties, which result in a steadily intensifying workload and rising costs for the hospitals. Notably, relevant patient data is often covered under a layer of irrelevant noise data. Most of today’s medical software relies on static rules - instead of dynamic, case-specific algorithms. This leads to an erroneous user experience and alarm fatigue.

What's your digital solution?

Mona is like Alexa, with a PhD: a smart bedside device for the Intensive Care Unit, using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to assist you in the best treatment for your patient. We needed to find a better way to deliver the crucial information to clinicians at the point of care. We established a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, and experts in clinical informatics to design Mona, a smart digital physician assistant for your daily clinical duties on the patient bed. She helps you with documentation, patient data insights and accurate patient treatment. Mona communicates in natural language and helps you to free space for what matters most: time with patients and their relatives.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

At Clinomic, the patient comes first in everything we do. With motivation and passion, we create our solutions for critically ill by combining translational medical research, data science and computational intelligence. With a patient-centric view, we combine state-of-the-art research with modern technologies to enable an optimal treatment for every patient.