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Justus Hilling

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Your business model in three sentences

saasmetrix is the central user management for all SaaS apps. Get an overview of all accounts, automate provisioning and optimize costs with just a few clicks.

What problem do you solve?

In recent years, the SaaS tool landscape has expanded significantly across all companies. Especially due to the Corona pandemic and the resulting work from home, new applications are needed and licenses have been purchased along with them. As helpful as these tools are, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of a large number of employees, applications, and licenses. The result: difficult offboarding and security issues because it isn´t transparent which employee has access to which application. Additionally, Onboarding is time-consuming because many accesses have to be granted. Lastly, unnecessary costs for unused licenses and incorrect license models are occurring.

What's your digital solution?

With our SaaS management platform, we offer a simple solution for user management. Our dashboard provides all information at a glance: all apps, licenses, and users. During Onboarding, depending on the employee's role, all necessary access can be automatically activated and withdrawn just as easily during Offboarding. This ensures that employees do not continue to have access to data and apps, nor do they continue to be paid for them. If an employee is missing an app, they can simply request it via the App Store. By analyzing user behavior, it is possible to identify which licenses can be terminated and where a more affordable licensing model makes sense. All of this saves money and, in particular, work and time through automated processes.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

At the Pirate Summit 2022, we were already able to use the opportunity to gather valuable contacts with both investors and other start-ups. This year we want to convince the jury and the audience with our pitch of saasmetrix. We are always looking for ways to dive further into the start-up world of NRW and to network beyond Bielefeld and the OUT OF THE BOX Award allows us to do just that.