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Nominated by:
Marie Lechtenberg

Internet address:

Josef-Pieper Straße 2

Your business model in three sentences

Syte is an AI-engine that discovers real-estate development potentials in real-time, by taking the asset into account, it helps to create sustainable rental space in a blink

What problem do you solve?

Project development & research for the potential of building sites is time intensive & expensive. We found a way to change that! SYTE analyses the surrounding properties and validates the data in its AI engine to calculate the maximum utilisation. You get all information and calculations to check the rentability and expansion potential of the building site in real time.

What's your digital solution?

The cities of the future are all concerned about the same problem. How can we build something without sealing even more surface? How can we stop the city from heating up while still providing more and more space to live in? This is where SYTE comes into play: We create more from what is already there. Our data-based search detects existing buildings that can be expanded. We know where storeys can be added. Where space can be increased without the negative effects of soil sealing. During this process we rely on light-weight material like wood. Thereby, SYTE brings project development to a new and sustainable level. The easy search for potential enhancements of rental space or extension of existing space helps to find and create more living space in dense areas without sealing the existing site. By building up the existing roof we support light-weight material like wood. This helps to bring project development to a highly sustainable level.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Living-Space is missing, building new is expensive — so there is only the way: work with the asset-buildings. But: there is no scalable data-source of all the existing buildings. There is a big need of geo-deta to find living spaces without sealing the city, guiding the cities in smart urban planing (for example where to plant trees if the city gets too hot in summer). With our AI-Engine we could help to make the cities smarter