Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Mister Postman GmbH

Mülheim an der Ruhr

Nominated by:
Peter Trapp

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What problem do you solve?

Due to the traffic volume in cities, large parcel service provider have problems to deliver parcels on time. In many cases, when the delivery is not possible, the parcels are dropped at parcel stores or packing stations and have to be picked up by the end consumer. As e-commerce grows, the number of returns is also rising. End customers can either pay a high fee to have their parcels picked up at their front door, or they have to take a trip to bring them to the parcel store. In 2019, almost 2 billion parcels were delivered to the door in the B2C sector. Around 17% of parcels could not be handed over to the recipient and were placed in parcel shops and packing stations. There was also a very high rate of returns. Every sixth package was returned in the same year. This has lead to a total of almost 670 million customer contacts in parcel shops. At the same time, the stationary retail trade is suffering strongly from the growth of online retailers. As a result, more and more shops in the city centres are closing. This affects not only fashion shops, it also affects pharmacies, medical supplies stores, supermarkets and beverage traders.

What's your digital solution?

Mister-Postman provides a platform that newly organizes last-mile parcel delivery and pickup. Parcels are picked up or delivered by free drivers at a desired time, similar to uber. The biggest advantages of our platform are the delivery or pickup at a desired time and the delivery and pick up time window from Mon.-Sun. between 06:00-22:00. Delivery service: We pick up parcels from parcel stores and packing stations and deliver them to the customer's door at the desired time. Parcels can be picked up by the power of attorney of the end user. Pick-up service: We pick up returns and franked parcels at the front door and take them to the parcel store of the service provider. Courier service: Available for regional delivery for private individuals, companies and the stationary retail trade. In addition, we offer an optional return service. We offer same day and next day delivery and in this way, stationary retailers can compete with online retailers in regard of delivery speed.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With the delivery of parcels from parcel shops and Packstations and the collection of returned and franked parcels from the front door by a free drivers, Mister Postman offers a unique approach to urban logistics. Our business model is very scalable through the use of freelance drivers and we can immediately adapt this business model to almost every city and country.