Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Lumoview Building Analytics GmbH


Nominated by:
Anna-Lena Kümpel

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What problem do you solve?

Owners and managers of buildings need data about their buildings in order to manage, operate, refurbish, sell, buy, let or hire them. So far, there is only insufficient data about existing buildings. Typically, floor plans are not up-to-date, 3D building models do not exist, thermal bridges are only discovered by accident and water pipe bursts are detected when it is already too late. The lack of data also has important environmental implications. Heating and cooling of buildings cause roughly 1/3 of the German greenhouse gas emissions. Energy efficiency refurbishments reduce these emissions, but need to be based on an accurate and up-to-date data basis in order to find the cost-benefit optimum. In addition, the hassles associated with analyzing a building today often hinders the owner to refurbish the building.

What's your digital solution?

Lumoview provides super-fast digitization of buildings to empower owners to manage their buildings digitally and optimize the energy efficiency of them. This service is created through Lumoview's 360° indoor measurement system that can be used by everyone. The measurement takes only 2 seconds per room and captures visual, infrared, air properties, position, and distance information. In the cloud the data is processed using computer vision and machine learning. That results in CAD floor plans, 3D CAD models, 3D visualizations, thermal analysis for the identification of construction defects and digital room books containing building services, window areas, etc. The customers receive these objective deliverables almost instantly and can integrate them seamlessly to their digital processes (e. g. ERP, CAD, CAFM). This way, Lumoview delivers the geometrical basis and further valuable information to enrich the digital twin or building information modeling (BIM).

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With every refurbishment that is triggered by us we empower the owner to save typically around 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions of the building. This way we substantially contribute to reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement. With 25k Euro from this competition we would first thoroughly celebrate it with our team. The rest of the prize money will flow into additional talents that make the product even better and boost sales activities.