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Kathrin Bücker

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What problem do you solve?

We are helping our customers to deal with - successful high-volume onboarding with standardized digital training support for higher productivity and work quality - higher recruiting radius to overcome talent shortage by offering automated translations to train diverse teams with different mother tongues at the same time - fight against high employee turnover based on low quality training by offering a good training experience - higher safety through digital health & safety training support

What's your digital solution? is providing multi-language onboarding and training solutions for manual workers. With customers such as e-commerce fulfillment provider Ingram Micro, they are primarily focused on ensuring health and safety compliance in the warehouse. Furthermore, they are also training new and temp staff on forward and reverse logistics skills and work instructions, including re-trainings for continuous improvement. Their customers have seen clear quality and productivity improvements as well as increased engagement and worker happiness.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The deskless workforce has been underserved by technology for ages. A 2.7 billion-person strong portion of the global working population. Despite being 80% of the workforce. We want to revolutionize the way these employees are trained by building a digital training solution that helps both the worker and the training personell by having a measurable impact on the company success through higher productivity, higher quality, higher safety and higher employee happiness.