Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

GTS Live Pro

Kamp-Lintfort NRW

Nominated by:
Simon Hecht

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What problem do you solve?

GTS LIVE PRO I OUTDOOR & INDOOR SPORT MONITORING solves problems with the common use of various smartwatches /-phones VR glasses in the field of sports. In contrast to GTS LIVE PRO, other sports systems such as watches, cell phones, laptops, VR glasses are not directly readable in many sports, disturb the natural rhythm during the activity due to distraction or even endanger safety.

What's your digital solution?

GTS LIVE PRO is a networked (smart) lifestyle AR & VR - data glasses with integrated performance technology and sensor technology for digital information transfer, communication and biometric data collection in real time. An innovative high-tech system solution that can be used by target groups (B2B and B2C) in different application areas sports, sports entertainment wireless and 'hands-free'. In the age of digitalization as well as the growing commercialization of wearable products in the context of data collection and utilization in real time, Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality (VR & AR), audio & video communication as well as live streaming, GTS Live Pro fulfills the claim to be a future-relevant, mobile applicable and valuable information and communication system for users in diverse fields of application, which will sustainably conquer a growth market as a sensible alternative to the smartphone and the smartwatch.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Our mission: To enable a new dimension of efficient and intelligent sports training with GTS LIVE PRO. To reconcile the health of athletes & horses with the pursuit of top athletic performance. With passion, practicality and innovative digital networking.