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Elgar Heydarov

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What problem do you solve?

Rehearsal rooms are scarce in cities. It is not uncommon for several bands to share a practice room in order to be able to afford the high rental rates. It is even more difficult for pianists, singers and a lot of other musicians because they need a rehearsal room with a piano or grand piano or just a separate studio to be able to rehearse. PianoMe offers a solution.

What's your digital solution?

Through PianoMe practice rooms, studios and concert halls can be advertised and rented on an hourly basis. Various filters on the website make it easy to search for a suitable room or studio. You can specify the location and price, but also certain properties of the desired rehearsal room: Is it possible to record sound in the room? Is there WiFi? Is there a bathrooms? A kitchenette? Etc. PianoMe provides a good overview of the geographical location, availability, price of the rooms, and equipment available. Through PianoMe you can check the availability and book the desired room on the website. There are no administrative costs thanks to our intuitive booking and payment system (we take care of the whole booking process from the enquiry, complete payment and processing of all booking processes, incl. possible cancellation. We send notifications to the room owner and also to the customer. And much more.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

PianoMe connects musicians with the right rehearsal rooms and studios and solves musicians' most imporatnt problem. Doing so we enable musicians to create. We also significantly reduce administrative costs related to the room rentering process (no unneeded calls, studio promotion, availabilities, booking functionalities, etc.). We also connect musicians with musicians and enable them to extend their network.