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Caro Aschemeier

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Your business model in three sentences

Scobees is a cloud-based learning experience platform for schools enabling students a self organized learning process upon their individual needs. Teachers start with a 21st century learning process by using different tutoring options.

What problem do you solve?

The traditional way of learning in many schools is outdated. A one-fits-all learning structure no longer meets the needs of students. Moreover, the digital transformation of the working world has changed the way we live and work in a digital age. To prepare students for the future, they require expanded skill sets beyond just acquiring knowledge, including teamwork, problem-solving, and flexibility, which are essential requirements in the 21st century. in a future-oriented learning environment, students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and to explore topics that are relevant to their lives and interests. Teachers play a crucial role in facilitating learning, providing guidance and support,

What's your digital solution?

Therefore, we developed our cloud-based learning experience platform, Scobees. Schools that use Scobees can easily implement a dynamic and self-organized learning process for their students in school. Each student learns based on their individual needs, including reflecting on their personal learning development. Teachers assist with the learning progress by providing personal feedback. By recognizing strengths and personal needs, the intrinsic motivation of each student improves, and teachers can work on developing the potential of each student.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With Scobees, we offer a tool that can transform the way students learn in schools. Our mission at Scobees is to make it easier for teachers to integrate 21st-century skills into everyday learning in schools. We collaborate with Germany's most innovative schools and receive scientific support from three universities. We work closely with Scobees schools to ensure that our solution is effective in daily school practice, with a clear focus on future-oriented learning methods. As an impact startup, we are committed to contributing to SDG 4 for "quality education" and SDG 5 for "gender equality." Furthermore, we are a 100% female-founded tech company and want to encourage more women to start their own companies.