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Philipp Hachmann

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What problem do you solve?

As everyone knows, customer experience is one of the most important drivers of growth today. But understanding what customers really want and desire requires real interaction with them. While traditional quantitative analytics are important, they don't show the "why" behind the data. Survey campaigns, on the other hand, are expensive and time-consuming to evaluate. What has long been possible with social media is often still lacking in digital experiences: the quick and easy evaluation and feedback of one's own opinion on certain content, topics and processes. Give your users a voice!

What's your digital solution?

Topikon enables companies to embed widgets along their digital customer journey, allowing users to provide micro-feedback without being distracted by annoying surveys. In addition to capturing customer satisfaction metrics such as NPS ®, you enable your users to share their sentiment, mood and satisfaction on your web content and processes. With Topikon, users don't have to enter long free texts, but can click together their differentiated opinion. With appropriate follow-up actions, you get even more in-depth understanding, for example by allowing your users to share their experience directly via voice message. All feedback is aggregated and analyzed in one central location and in real time. Topikon can be set up in less than 5 minutes and from then on automatically collects qualitative user-feedback, which your users love to share.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With our digital solution, we provide a tool that helps even small stores and companies to understand exactly what their customers are thinking. With Topikons concept of gathering qualitative insights more quickly, the we were awarded with the Gründerstipendium NRW, as well as support from the Innovation.NRW program and were able to close a six-figure financing round. Topikon is an example, that NRW is an excellent location to develop, test, and bring innovative projects to market.