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Julia Kurth

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Your business model in three sentences

Three photos and a completed questionnaire sent via app enables digital dermatology treatment with highest quality medicine. No matter when and where: Within max. 24h the patient receives diagnosis, therapy recommendation and prescription.

What problem do you solve?

The dermatological supply in Germany is clearly to be optimized: the shortage of specialists due to average waiting times of 38 days throughout Germany, especially in structurally weak areas, is usually the norm. As a result, patients do not get their skin problems treated in time and they get worse, whether it is a chronic condition like acne, itchy skin or a change in the appearance of an existing mole. Not only skin cancer, but also genital diseases are on the rise, and patients need to be treated quickly, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by digitalization. In addition to the individual patient, from the mother with a small child to the busy businesswoman to the immobile person, we want to make the entire healthcare system more efficient. This includes cooperation with health insurers, hospitals and care facilities without dermatologic care.

What's your digital solution?

Our digital treatment option is a valuable alternative to treatment in a dermatologist's office: We offer patients digital dermatological treatment including diagnosis and therapy recommendation of their skin disease within 24 hours no matter when and from where. The patient sends 3 photos of their skin disease and fills out a short questionnaire, both of which are sent via app to a specially trained team of dermatologists. Our treatment offer allows an "anonymous" evaluation of skin lesions, for shameful diseases, that the patient has less inhibitions to consult the doctor. The patient receives a doctor's letter explaining the disease and therapy in a patient-friendly way, and if necessary, a prescription is issued. In the long run, we are in the process of developing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will assist our specialists in diagnosThe treatment costs 25 € and is covered by private as well as partly by public health insurances. demanostic is data protection certified by TÜV.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We are four medical founders and two married couples. Without a business background but with the knowledge of the healthcare system and what patients need, we founded dermanostic. We entered the market in April 2020 and have become Europe's leading online dermatology practice with 100,000 patients. We have the vision, with the help of digitalization, to revolutionize dermatological care, every person should be able to receive timely dermatological treatment worldwide!