Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

ThreeB IT GmbH


Nominated by:
Matei Frunzetti

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What problem do you solve?

In many conversations we have heard that digital developments in many companies are still in their infancy and that those responsible are facing major challenges. Most companies already have processes that have proven themselves over long periods of time. The introduction of new software is then not only the transfer of data to a new system, but in most cases also an adaptation of current processes to the processes specified by the new system. We want to be the solution here. Our goal is to enable every company to become more efficient with the help of digitization. We enable the smallest start-up to the largest company to digitize all corporate processes on a global scale and thus work more effectively, transparently and securely.

What's your digital solution?

Our digital process management platform ThreeNamic primarily supports companies in the field of logistics in digitizing their corporate processes. We offer a kind of construction kit for processes so that every authorized employee of our customers is able to adapt the processes and all associated elements according to their own wishes. With the help of our sophisticated rights system, even logistics customers can gain insight into the complex process and even intervene if necessary - and all without the help of the IT department or even a software developer. Due to the extreme dynamics of our platform, our platform adapts to the needs of our customers and not - as with most solutions - the other way around.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Our software-as-a-service platform is a user-based subscription solution that is already in use at some of the largest logistics companies in the world. With this solution, we make the world of (logistics) processes a lot more efficient and transparent for both customers and the companies themselves.