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Kevin Kessler

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Your business model in three sentences

ScrapBees’ magic swarm can turn waste into raw material!🪄 We make craftsmen & SME more efficient 💪🏼 and save primary raw materials for metal production ♻️

What problem do you solve?

We solve problems for many different customer groups: For private households the disposal of scrap metal is very inconvenient and above all time consuming. If the raw materials end up in the bulky waste instead of being disposed of properly, parts of the raw material are destroyed. This is ecological nonsense. Craftsmen also benefit from a certain amount of time saved. Waste disposal is not part of the craftsmen's core business. Also, with the ScrapBees, the craftsmen do not have to go to different stations for the proper disposal of the waste. SMEs usually resort to container solutions, which are not only space-consuming but also monthly fee guzzlers. The containers are also not ecologically sensible, as valuable raw material is also lost here due to the mixing of the scrap. From the perspective of our recycling partners, other points arise. For them, the larger quantity of scrap with a perfect quality is particularly decisive. They also benefit from the transparency of the raw material origin and can therefore issue Scope 3 emission certificates. Lastly, the reliability of constant supply is also of great value to them.

What's your digital solution?

Every time one of our BeePeople helps retrieve scrap metal from an urban mine, he/she enters the material analyzed and weight measured into our App creating total transparency in a traditionally opaque value chain. Our proprietary software steers the BeeVans along the optimized milkrun-like tours, and upon the push of a button navigates the raw material collected to the perfect customer.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The reason is simple: ScrapBees very business model is OOTB! We are passionate about literally keeping raw material OUT OF THE BOX. Because boxes are not only a constraint for the mind in the broader sense, they also limit recycling. The boxes we fight are containers. Each time pieces of Copper, Aluminum and Tin are mixed into that box, their value is lost forever. ScrapBees keep these valuable materials seperated & tracked, so they can be used in production, preserving primary resources globall