Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Less Waste Box GmbH


Nominated by:
Jonas Kopp

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Your business model in three sentences

Less Waste Box is a delivery service where sustainable office supplies can be ordered online and then delivered locally, emission-free and without packaging waste by bike. Currently in Cologne, soon in other cities.

What problem do you solve?

We are dedicated to the topic of sustainability in offices. In 2020, office materials generated 4.7 million tons of packaging waste. With Less Waste Box, we're changing that by bringing environmentally friendly products into businesses. We make sure they are plastic-free, unpackaged or recyclable. And to ensure we don't create packaging waste, we only deliver in reusable boxes.

What's your digital solution?

No one wants to wade through catalogs anymore to find the right copy paper. To make this easier, we have created an online store, where all carefully selected products can be found. Ordered online - delivered locally: Perfect match!

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Less Waste Box is a delivery service that brings sustainability into offices, saving the company time and money. With our subscription model, there is no need to actively reorder, it happens automatically. In addition, employees no longer have to shop online AND offline, but get over 400 products in one place (Box). This way, employees can focus on their business and we take care of the rest. So let's get even more offices to act more sustainably with Less Waste Box.