Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

Cargoboard GmbH & Co. KG


Nominated by:
Isabelle Milz

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What problem do you solve?

Fundamental digital changes are necessary for the future of the logistics landscape. Cargoboard operates in a highly fragmented freight forwarding market, where a lack of price transparency and time-intensive processes are a common problem. Tedious price and shipment inquiries are replaced by our straightforward shipping cost calculator and seamless online booking, all in one go. Each customer benefits from the full and individually digitalised customer journey, 24/7 tracking included. Customers having to work with multiple shipping companies is an issue of the past, because Cargoboard enables access to the CargoLine network, with specialists all over Europe. Because Cargoboard is not the intermediary, but the contract partner for our customers, we can provide an excellent and proactive service across all areas (booking, invoicing and shipping included) from one point. We also value environmental consciousness and established the option of climate neutral transports in cooperation with myClimate Germany. The emission for each shipment is calculated and customers can donate this sum to support global climate projects.

What's your digital solution?

Cargoboard’s digital business model is based on facilitating the overall booking process of general cargo for their customers through freight transparency, the innovative shipping cost calculator and booking with just a few clicks. The Cargoboard platform and its algorithms enable more efficient shipment processes for customers who wish to save time and money by cutting down on extra steps. Each customer is automatically assigned the ideal regional carrier for their specific shipment, while we are the direct contact person. Our digital service is always tailored to meet the customers' requirements. Small companies with infrequent shipping can book and track orders on our platform while big companies can integrate our online shop plugins or API for immediate booking into their own systems. The platform model enables us to grow strongly leading to improvement of the algorithm of the platform and enabling the automation of internal processes.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We offer more than just an innovative, digital logistics platform that disrupts the logistics landscape. We live and love logistics and digitalisation. It is our aim to offer each customer the most efficient shipment process. With over 10,000 shipments a month (and growing!), an 8-digit annual turnover, and an expanding team, we wish to further increase our impact. Our main focus is always on the customers and how they can benefit the most from our efficient digital business.