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Magdalena Gorecki

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Your business model in three sentences

Voltfang uses pre-owned EV-Batteries to make battery storage environmentally friendly and affordable for everyone. The production of battery storage is essential to create a green future and enable the energy transition in Germany.

What problem do you solve?

At the moment, there is no uniform solution for used and discarded batteries from the e-automotive industry. This leads to a large amount of e-waste and there is still no good recycling system or if there is, it is very expensive. With our product we want to solve the following problems: on the one hand, there are large amounts of electronic waste that will accrue more and more in the future, and on the other hand, the potential of renewable energies has not yet been fully exploited because there are not enough storage options. We want to avoid unnecessary energy waste and enable a more stable grid by making intelligent and controlled use of energy possible. Also, the concept of second-life batteries is not yet mature. So we want to generate and analyze the necessary data to generate a State of Stafey and State of Health of second-life batteries so that the reuse of batteries in the future will be as easy and rewarding as possible and the product life of all batteries extended.

What's your digital solution?

Voltfang uses pre-owend e-car batteries instead of new ones, thus prolonging the life span of the batteries and turning potential competitors into customers through our holistic approach to battery upcycling and the possibility to offer our testing as a service for 2nd-life batteries. Our approach consists of: - Battery Testing to ensure high quality and safety of energy storage systems (open circuit voltage and fast charge tests). - Battery health diagnostic to determine the state of health of the battery (thermodynamic and kinetic behaviour analysis, cell chemistry analysis, EMS algorithm). oBattery safety. Only 2nd-life EV batteries are used, which have the highest quality requirements according to market standards as they have to withstand harsh conditions in the vehicle. - Battery durability (double pack approach). Additional capacity providing operational flexibility and a buffer for capacity loss. -Battery monitoring and replacement when they reach their critical point.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Our digital business model deserves recognition because it promotes environmental friendliness, addresses the challenges of electromobility, and facilitates the transition to clean energy. By leveraging innovative technologies and efficient operations, our business offers cost-effective solutions to customers while protecting them from volatile electricity prices. We believe that our commitment to sustainability and customer value sets us apart from the regular market.