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Luisa Leinweber

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Your business model in three sentences

deeplify combines the best possible, customized AI performance with a user-friendly all-in-one platform. Great technology, easy access! Free feasibility testing and a simple license model.

What problem do you solve?

There are significant challenges that make it difficult for companies to integrate AI solutions! Today’s companies are under pressure due to rising labor costs and a shortage of qualified workers. Further process automation is necessary. But how to realize that for complex processes? Artificial Intelligence and computer vision are ready to scale and have great potential to increase performance across multiple business areas, especially in those with a high share of predictable tasks. However, working with our strategic partners has revealed that the implementation of AI and computer vision projects come with a lot of challenges for companies: - Standardized software solutions are not sufficient for complex use cases - ROI unclear - insufficient understanding of what is feasible - Usually no/little data science knowledge in-house - Time of integration takes months, solutions not easily adaptable to evolving business needs - General skepticism toward computer vision and AI

What's your digital solution?

A user-friendly Computer Vision Platform addressing complex use cases! Our platform empowers users to easily deploy computer vision solutions. After we provided a fully customized and high-performing AI model, the customer can manage the entire project lifecycle on the platform. Key features include advanced annotation and data labeling tools, the ability to train and deploy customized algorithms, and model management for accuracy evaluation. While the platform initially focuses on automating and optimizing quality inspection processes, our plan is to expand its capabilities to other verticals such as healthcare and agriculture. This will include incorporating multi-modality and graph neural network methods. With that come following benefits: - No code technology / shorten deployment time - Flexible deployment and continuous improvement of AI models - Advanced individualization in order to solve even the most complex use cases - Maintaining AI-based solution independently

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We make AI and Computer Vision accessible Industry 4.0 - the 4th industrial revolution is happening. Deeplify takes responsibility to build the bridge between the generations. Traditional SMEs created the wealthy economy and society we happily enjoy. We make sure these companies stay stable in terms of competitiveness and sustainability! Our solution enables businesses to extract insights from various types of data, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize their resources.