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Jonas Tünte

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What problem do you solve?

The digital transformation of SMEs in Germany is far from complete. For many companies, the solutions on offer are too complex and not practice-oriented enough. Along the way, digitization often creates more problems than it solves. At the same time, increasing bureaucratic directives such as DSGVO or the ECJ ruling on mandatory working time recording are placing a burden on employers. The administrative processes behind the recording of working hours in particular are very time-consuming and cost a lot of time and money. Even in 2021, most SMEs from the construction industry are still working on slips of paper. They document in work progress, problems, material consumption and working hours. All very error-prone and time-consuming. Even in the healthcare industry, hospitals and mobile care services still operate on slips of paper. Inefficient transfer processes paralyze nursing staff, so that the focus is not on the patient but on paperwork. In the public sector, too, in fire departments and the police, paperwork paralyzes the actual work. Before using clockin during operations, our fire department customers first had to find the file folders for the corresponding districts.

What's your digital solution?

The innovative software from clockin makes mobile working time recording and documentation digitally possible with just a few clicks. The operation of the mobile app is designed for maximum simplicity, so that employees can record everything digitally with just a few clicks and the software automatically creates digital project files, performance records and timesheets in the background. This saves up to 80% administrative effort. With the help of AI and modern sensor technology, clockin makes everyday work easier and improves the productivity of SMEs cross-industry.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

clockin deserves the award because this startup solves real problems. clockin digitizes European SMEs, fire departments, hospitals, etc.. It enables more efficient work and gives employees back the fun of their actual job. They no longer have to deal with paperwork and can concentrate on their actual job. At the same time, clockin prepares European SMEs for the digital future and gives companies an advantage in international competition.