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Sebastian Köffer

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What problem do you solve?

Companies need to upskill their workforce to ensure long-term success in the age of digitization. Today, corporate learning & development is highly ineffective as it cannot be tailored towards the individual employee. Online courses and seminars are the same for all employees and companies can't provide effective guidance in the selection and training process. Today, less than 10% of online courses are finished and skill gaps across the workforce are increasingly at an unprecedented pace.

What's your digital solution?

We built a learning infrastructure that is capable of personalizing the learning experience in any given skill. We built the edyoucated Knowledge Space, a "universe" containing universal, atomic structures of skills like Data Science with Python, Product Management, or Microsoft Excel that essentially understands how skills are broken down into its smallest learnable concepts (called atoms). We match these atomic skills with expert-curated learning materials and designed assessments to test for these atomic skills. We use machine learning to update the relationships between atomic skills and with that the Knowledge Space gets better with every learning session. This infrastructure builds the foundation for our learning experience platform that provides employees with the right learning materials at the right time. Through our personalization process, we provide tailored learning paths that are up 45% faster and help us to achieve success rates that are up to 9x higher.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

With edyoucated, we are building a solution that will change the way employees learn in the future. By enabling reskilling and upskilling we will impact the lives of thousands of employees and we are eager to maximize the positive impact we can have through learning.