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Sebastian Köffer

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What problem do you solve?

In a world of accelerated change, companies need to constantly adapt to new technologies and trends. Therefore they are adopting agile ways of working to empower their teams to make quick decisions and unleashing their potential. Unfortunately, this transition takes companies a long time and is very coaching-intensive. #CultureEatsStrategyForBreakfast

What's your digital solution?

Echometer is a spin-off of the psychological department of the university of Münster and leverages agile best practices and psychological research to empower teams in their development. In short: Echometer allows teams to facilitate team retrospectives easily. Team retrospectives are a workshop format to help teams reflect their ways of working. Agile Coaches say "If you adopt one agile practice let it be retrospectives - everything else will follow." Thereby Echometer makes the development of teams measurable while encourage a bottom-up improvement process.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Echometer solves the #1 blocker in agile transformations: "Legacy culture." (Source: "State of Agile"-Survey 2019) Echometer's business model offers an easy access to address this blocker without extensive external-coaching that only few can afford. Therefore Echometer is a huge opportunity to help companies compete in a world of accelerating disruptions and create a culture that embraces change.