Nominated for OUT OF THE BOX.NRW

DeskNow GmbH


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Your business model in three sentences

With our SaaS we are empowering people to find their ideal workspace and companies to offer HybridWork & Corporate CoWorking.

What problem do you solve?

1. Organizing HybridWork - HR can do it within one click with our SaaS and make sure that the collaboration is taking place. 2. Lowering CO2 Footprint - No unnecessary commuting - people can even book spaces from other companies! 3. Lowering Energy usage - Adjust lighting and services to live office usage! 4. Lowering Costs - Sublet unused space with one click on the integrated marketplace!

What's your digital solution?

We build a unified workspace platform to manage all kinds of office spaces with an integrated marketplace to push HybridWork and Corporate CoWorking. Our solution is integrated with iLOQ (eLOCK), Office365, MS Teams, Slack, Google Calendar and many more to come. Right now we are working together with Hella (Automotive) to build plugin furniture sensors.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Because we are supporting the change to NewWork. We are empowering every person to find their ideal workspace. We are unifiying all office related services in one. From desk booking, over parking, to entrance (NFC/RFID), to extra services (food/coach/equipement) to sharing offices with other companies.