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Sebastian Hanny-Busch

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What problem do you solve?

Stress has become one of the biggest health risk factors in our modern society. Each of us knows how difficult it can be to cope with the daily challenges of work, family and unforeseen events. The current situation with the pandemic creates an even greater need for digital solutions that can be used anywhere, anytime. To reduce stress in the long term, it is important to integrate mental training into everyday life. In addition, high user acceptance is important, especially for preventive methods. After all, any offer for prevention is useless if it is not used. With regard to digital solutions for stress prevention, there are currently only meditation apps or web-based platforms on the market. These provide libraries of exercises and thus have an exclusively passive effect. The acute needs of the individual are not taken into account and users have to laboriously search through the range of exercises. Complex and confusing apps cause additional stress and make access difficult, especially for beginners. MINDZEIT® is the only solution on the market with a psychologically designed user journey, developed for people with increased stress.

What's your digital solution?

MINDZEIT® is the first intelligent and science based coaching system that can respond to the individual and acute needs of users and promotes self-reflection and a lasting positive mindset. The innovative and gamified User Journey supports that people enjoy keeping their minds fit. The focus is on a perfect integration into everyday life and corporate culture. MINDZEIT® is already successfully in use, among others at SV Werder Bremen, Deutsche Bahn and a large software company.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

The mental health of our society is a very serious and topical issue. That's why we're working hard to make training the mind as natural as sports or eating healthy. For us, the key is user acceptance, since any offer is useless if it is not used. MINDZEIT® has been fully bootstrapped. The prize money and the award would be extremely helpful to implement further planned features and certifications to further improve MINDZEIT® and gain valuable attention.