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Andreas Dreger

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Your business model in three sentences

amberSearch, a B2B SaaS application, helps employees of engineering companies save time when looking for information through a google-like Interface, connection to a variety of sources and a deep understanding of complex questions and documents.

What problem do you solve?

Why is it always so easy to find publicly available information on the web, but as soon as it is company internal information, you are forced to wait forever until your Network Shares are searched through and you have to trigger the same search in 10 different tools, because you forgot in which one of your software tools this specific snippet was written. In general employees spend up to 1.8 hours per day just looking up information, many times not finding any at all. This not only leads to huge frustration for every employee, but also slows down the creation of knew ideas and makes it very hard for new colleagues to get an overview over the company’s history and knowledge.

What's your digital solution?

Our next level enterprise search engine "amberSearch" helps employees to search through the internal data sources just like they are used form Google. With amberSearch finding and accessing files and information is easy and fast as on the web. With this we can increase the efficiency and quality of employees in the everyday life. On top we are the first to aggregate and search through all types of media, including image, videos and 3D-Models while offering intelligent search options, like question answering, related queries, image clustering through our AI model cascade that works in the background. We charge per user not per document, which leads to the fact that integration of new data, which is a general desire of every user to find more information, is encouraged and not punished.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

amberSearch finally enables every medium sized enterprise to integrate a search solution as fast as never before. This is possible through our cloud-hosted approach, and our software offers connection to all the standard tools from our target group. The whole setup process can be done in a single day, thus giving access to every employee in a matter of days and not months or years as with other highly individualized solutions.