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Karin Bönig

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Your business model in three sentences

The ELDERTECH app supports families with seniors in homecare - through easy communication and better organization within the family. For seniors, an easy-to-use interface is provided so that even digital beginners feel comfortable. Let's go!

What problem do you solve?

Due to demographic change, we are facing various challenges, such as the shortage of skilled workers. In nursing, this is already a serious problem in our healthcare system. In the next few years, the baby boomer generation will retire and many of them will need assistance and care. Therefore, intelligent and digital solutions are needed. Today, older people and their families are already struggling with the lack of caregiver support: We know from our own experience that caring for elderly parallel to one’s own lives is often a difficult undertaking - because of the time involved, the unfamiliar tasks and the physical distance. In addition, caregivers often feel stressed by the extra responsibilities on top of their own work and the constant concerns for their loved ones.

What's your digital solution?

At ELDERTECH, we create individual, intuitive care solutions for home care from wherever you are. We digitally connect family members across all generations - without losing the human touch. Our App connects simple videocommunication for seniors with planning tools and for family caregivers. By that we give piece of mind and ease the care experience for both – allowing a longer self-determined life in the caretakers’ home. In addition, caregivers are better able to work as a team, divide tasks, and stay in touch with their elderly loved ones across distances. In the near future we open our platform for further technologies and professional services to enable an holistic single point of care.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

Today's ELDERTECH app is just the beginning! We are continuously working on the app and our holistic vision: a unified platform for integrating existing care devices and care partners that covers common use cases in everyday care in just one app.