Pirate Summit

At the #OOTBNRW Award, it’s up to you to prove that you belong amongst the top ten digital startups in North Rhine-Westphalia. And the perfect stage for you as an entrepreneur and for your final pitch: The PIRATE Summit 2023! “Europe’s Craziest Startup Tech Conference” brings international founders together with top-class investors and group representatives since 2011 . The special trademark of the conference is the high quality standard. Every participant has to apply for a ticket and is selected by the staff manually. After all, the number of participants is limited to 1,000 – an exclusive circle. In this way, the organizers ensure the festival character of the PIRATE Summit will be maintained. That’s also one of the reasons why the conference takes place in in the open-air biergarten and art venue Odonien in Cologne. The originality and the high quality standards of the PIRATE Summit are reflected in the “house rules”, which every participant have to confirm:

  1. First name
  2. VIP = everyone
  3. No Bullshit
  4. Give Give Give Ask
  5. ARRR!

The fifth rule is not only a call to emulate the PIRATE ideal, but is also reflected in the way of the applause that is after a good performance: only a few visitors applaud, most growl an appreciative “ARRR”. Festival organizers and participants are alluding to the parallels between legendary pirates and digital founders: Both put out to sea without knowing where the journey would end – adventurer, in the true sense of the word.

At the PIRATE Summit 2023 there will be expected more than 300 different investors, 80 top-class speaker and 500 startups from 70 different nations. Among them our ten #OOTBNRW finalists, which have to convince the jury and the audience. You can be one of them! The planning for 2023 is still very fresh in our air-filled sails. Until now we do not know yet to which destination we will sail. ONLY one thing we do know, it will be an exciting voyage like every year. Stay tuned!

You want to know more about the PIRATE Summit? Look here: https://piratesummit.com/