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chunkx Copilot revolutionizes corporate learning by seamlessly integrating hyper-personalized learning follow-ups into daily workflow systems like email or Teams. Powered by adaptive AI algorithms, chunkx harnesses external databases and internal company content to craft tailor-made microlearning units, offering recommendations and learning summaries for each user. Continuous optimization occurs through feedback mechanisms and learning progress tracking, ensuring chunkx remains aligned with individual learner needs.

Our SaaS platform operates on a user-based pricing structure for B2B clients, initiating paid pilot programs that transition smoothly into long-term licensing arrangements. This model ensures continual access to our suite of services, allowing us to deliver customized solutions and forge lasting client relationships. By offering a hyper-personalized learning approach that incorporates company requirements, chunkx will disrupt the generic content provider market, driving long-term success in corporate training and continuous learning.