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Elixion is a young HealthTech startup from Munich and Essen, Germany.
We help fighting care shortage and improve patient outcome in hospitals and nursing homes through automated, real-time monitoring of patients’ fluid lines with SaaS, AI and enabling IoT devices.

In our hospital environment, we have observed two very big and well-known problems within the healthcare industry worldwide: nursing shortage and exploding costs. Currently there are 6M open positions, whereas the gap is projected to more than double in 10Y to 13M open care positions.
At the same time, we still have a lot of care processes which run completely manual. One good example for that is the monitoring and protocoling of patient fluid lines like catheters. This is a very important and frequent process in hospitals and nursing homes. Currently, the process is complex and completely manual which leads to high costs and errors.
To address these challenges, we developed a patent filed technology to digitize the whole monitoring process and transform it into a real-time, mobile patient monitoring. Our solution leverages Hardware enabled SaaS, consisting of mobile IoT devices for data collection, and AI backed software. By implementing our technology an example hospital can save up to 300.000h nursing time per year. Additionally, the medical doctors and patients benefit from better patient care.

The market entry is planned in Q1/2025, where we initially target high value segments and focus on hospitals ICUs and IMCs. We already established 3 cooperations with leading institutions such as Universitätsklinikum Essen, Klinikum rechts der Isar and Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, with five new collaborations starting in 2024.
All in all, we address a 4.2B€, non-digitized market, where we plan to capture 100M€ until 2027-2029. Our unique hardware enabled SaaS model is priced at an average total fee of €6 per day and patient, which ensures recurring revenue and scalability. Through the conversion of successful preclinical study hospitals, direct sales and partnerships, we aim to establish Elixion as the leading solution for digitized patient monitoring, delivering tangible benefits to healthcare institutions, care personal, and patients.