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meal&heal is the first app that identifies intolerances and provides symptom-oriented, individual nutritional concepts.
Currently, only around 10% of all intolerances can be diagnosed by laboratory tests and in Germany alone, 37 million people suffer from food-related symptoms or illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome, neurodermatitis, migraines or rheumatism.
With meal&heal, we are closing a major gap in nutritional therapy. Customers can keep a diary of their diet and symptoms in the app. In the background, we have connected a unique food database in which over 100,000 foods are broken down into over 50 intolerances. The ingredients eaten are then correlated with the symptoms. The diary can thus provide information about existing intolerances, eating habits, symptom severity and frequency, nutrient supply and other trigger factors. The in-depth analysis can be used to create individual nutritional concepts that are guided by a food list and adapted recipes and information material. In addition, all customers are looked after by certified nutritionists.
The app is offered as a subscription model, but also enjoys great interest from health insurance companies and health-oriented companies that buy licenses for their customers or employees.
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