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Long preparation times lead to a decrease in home cooking among full-time employees. When not cooking for oneself, individuals often resort to less healthy alternatives that promote an unhealthy eating pattern. In the long term, various common diseases can arise, leading to approx. 11 m. deaths annually worldwide due to unhealthy eating. Also food loss and waste contribute to 8-10% of global emissions, with households being the main contributors because of the way we cook at home. With our online configurator concept and personalized organic dishes/mixtures we change the way of cooking at home and make it smarter, easy and sustainable. We achieve time savings of over 50% with our shock-frozen ingredients compared to cooking with fresh ingredients and effectively avoid food waste due to the long shelf life of our products and their often higher nutrient content. But how did it work? With our MVP online configurator we enable the creation of customized meals and mixtures from over 130 pan-ready organic ingredients (vegetables, fruits, fish/meat, side dishes, sauces, herbs, toppings). AI functions allow customers easy combinations of suitable weight proportions and ingredients for meals tailored to the customer with one click. But there are also pre-programmed “meals” (Chicken Teriyaki, Red Thai Curry etc.) to choose from when the customer is not in the mood for an own creation. In the end, we ship the order (MOQ of 6) frozen to your customer. Now at home the customer can easily store the order in the freezer for 1 year or can cook it in 5 to 10 minutes. With this new way of cooking healthy, fresh cooked meals don’t need long preparation times anymore. Besides you reduce food waste because 49% of Germans have NEVER waste frozen products. Our average price is around 8,50€ for a personalized meal/mixture (0,50€ cheaper than our main competitor Every Foods –> no personalization possible). We are the world’s FIRST concept for personalized shock-frozen organic meals/mixtures and the first AI concept where customers can order AI generated meals/mixtures.