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TOP 10 of 2024

Get to know our TOP10 in 2024. These startups were selected by experts and the public to reach the finals, and now they have the opportunity to pitch their ideas live in front of an audience and the final jury at the Hinterland of Things conference. We are excited to see who will win.
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We are already counting down the minutes until the grand finale of the OUT OF THE BOX.NRW competition at the Hinterland of Things conference in Bielefeld.
The clock is ticking, and we are eagerly anticipating the pitches from our Top10. Who will win?

THE Top 10 OF 2024

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1st Place: Synctive GmbH

Business: IoT
Location: Bielefeld

Synctive Team Photo.jpeg

2nd Place: Voltfang

Business: Energy
Location: Aachen

Gruppenbild Voltfang.jpg

3rd Place: arttrade

Business: eCommerce
Location: Düsseldorf


Anymate Me GmbH

Business: B2B SaaS
Location: Köln

Anymate Me

Elixion medical

Business: Health Tech
Location: Essen


Lenabo GmbH

Business: IoT
Location: Bonn


meal&heal GmbH

Business: FoodTech
Location: Münster


peers. UG

Business: Health Tech
Location: Aachen



Business: Software
Location: Dortmund

Teamfoto Yeah Klein.jpg

Urban Ray

Business: Logistics
Location: Köln

Team Picture 1.jpg